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Tool Time for Education

On Monday, September 25, 2010, members of the Drake University Education Leadership Department joined the School Improvement Teams from the Urbandale Community School District to participate in training by David Langford. David is head of Langford International and describes his impact by stating,” We believe Quality Learning is intrinsic and timeless. Every day administrators, teachers, professors and students are empowered to break out of the box of conformity to create true life-long-learning opportunities, moving all the way from information-gathering to wisdom.”

Each participant received a copy of “Tool Time for Education, “ a 136 page book full of processes and tools to engage students and adults in quality learning. As professors we strive to stay current with effective educational strategies and enjoy interacting with professionals in local districts.

A special Thank You goes to Doug Stilwell, Superintendent of Urbandale for his generous invitation for us to attend.  Information on Langford services and products can be found by pointing your web browser to:  Langford International

Elaine Smith Bright, Ed.D.