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Extension Education Develops New Online Course

The Drake University Extension Education division has developed an online course entitled: Human Relations (EDDL 220). This three semester hour graduate credit course has been approved by the Iowa Department of Education to meet their requirements for out-of-state teachers who would like to be licensed in the State of Iowa. This course also meets Nebraska’s core requirement for Human Relations Training as well.  Other educational professionals who are required to take Human Relations to meet their licensing requirements can also take this course.

This course is highly interactive and gives each student a number of opportunities to step out of their comfort zone and learn about the many subgroups of people who currently live in Iowa. A recent participant in this course stated: “This course raised my awareness and understanding of different subgroups of our society.  I think this course is a “must take” for teachers, administrators, and other adults working with students. The requirements of the course were very practical and applicable to any position. This course has the ability to change attitudes, thoughts, and teaching practices.”  

If you would like specific content information related to this course, please visit https://wwww.drake.edu/edex/distance/online/EDDL_220_Human_Relations.php or call call Jean Cross at (515) 271-3906. The next time this course will be offered is: January 18-March 13, 2011. If you would like to register, please call 1-800-76-TEACH.