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Video: Five tips for making the most of college


Kelli Pitts is teaching the “Making the Most of College” First Year Seminar this fall. Here are her tips for making college count.

1) Go to class

2) Socialize

3) Go out for everything

4) Leave your comfort zone

5) Give

Bonus tips:

6) Get to know your professors and advisors. They are a great resource.

7) Ask for help. College is not the same as high school and you may need help. That’s okay.

8) Utilize the various resources/offices on campus: Professional & Career Development Services, student life, academic achievement, and many, many more.

9) Do you best and then keep trying harder. College can be tough, but you should always put your best foot/effort forward.

10) Enjoy every minute while you are here. Whether they’re good or bad, learn from your experiences and keep moving forward.