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Budget Shortages Give Superintendent New Role

There was a time long ago when school administrators spent their time on education. They set curriculum, reviewed textbooks, evaluated teachers and explored ways to inspire students.

Nowadays, administrators spend their time fretting over balance sheets.

The state is short on money, so schools are short on money.

This caused Rick Rubino to open his mind to possible remedies and new revenue streams.

The assistant superintendent of the Martinez School District asked the school board recently to consider selling corporate naming rights to venues such as the performing arts building, student commons and gymnasium. He said the idea arose from a brainstorming session with peers, and he immediately did further study.

“I’m aware of what universities and pro sports teams have done with their corporate sponsorships,” he said, “but I wanted to see if any K-12 school districts had ventured into that area. I found out several have been successful.”