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Iowa’s Area Education Agencies Explained

Every school district, public and non-public, is provided services by Iowa’s AEA system. The function of the AEA is to serve as an intermediate service unit and to assist the Department of Education in providing services and support to school districts and schools in Iowa.

On July 1, 2010 Loess Hills AEA and Green Valley AEA will become one reorgainized agency-Green Hills AEA, bringing the total number of AEA’s from 10 to 9. Dr. Lane Plugge, Superientendent of the Iowa City Community school District will become the Chief Addministrator of the newly formed Green Hills AEA. Four Regions will be determined in Green Hills AEA, serving from 8500 students in the North Region to over 12,000 student in the West Region.

The vision for Green Hills AEA is as follows: All we serve will have the
Vision to see all possibilities
Courage to take risks
Will to succeed
Power to make a difference

The mission is: Green Hills will…
Collaboratively advocate for families, communities and schools to help them achieve their goals by providing dedicated professional consultation and quality system-wide supports.