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Students gain more opportunities with new classes, programs

When students in Drake University’s College of Arts and Sciences returned to campus this week, they found a retooled curriculum with new classes, including one on infectious diseases.

“While there have not been major changes to campus over the summer, students returning to Drake this fall will see new programs, courses and faculty,” said Joeseph Lenz, dean of the college.

Other new classes include: 
  • Food and Society 
  • Primate Conservation 
  • Rights and Responsibilities 
  • Public Health in South Africa
Students also have the opportunity to focus on a concentration in behavioral analysis, thanks to a joint program between the psychology department and the School of Education. 

The college also offers a concentration in primatology, which stems from a cooperative effort with Great Ape Trust of Iowa, which is headquartered in Des Moines.

In addition, the college gained new faculty members in the following areas: anthropology, art and design, biology, computer science, environmental science, law, politics and society, philosophy, religion and Spanish. 
Students are also taking classes from new faculty members who joined the college:
  • Hilary Williams, visiting assistant professor of graphic design
  • Marc Busch, assistant professor of biology
  • Debora Christensen, assistant professor of biology
  • Brian Adams-Thies, assistant professor of anthropology
  • Sofía Paredes, instructor of Spanish
  • Kathryn Szramek, assistant professor of environmental science
  • Trisha Olson, visiting assistant professor of law, politics and society
  • Jason Grout, assistant professor of mathematics
  • Eric Manley, instructor of computer science
  • Bradley Crowell, assistant professor of religion
  • Martin Roth, visiting assistant professor of philosophy