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Drake to host ‘Carnage in the Corn’ stage combat workshop

News PhotoMEDIA CONTACT: Tory Olson, 515-271-1834, tory.olson@drake.edu; Karla Kash, 515-271-2897, karla.kash@drake.edu

Drake University will host “Carnage in the Corn,” a stage combat workshop sanctioned by the Society of American Fight Directors, Nov. 22-23 in the Harmon Fine Arts Center, 25th Street and Carpenter Avenue. The workshop is open to the public with registration required.

“There are not many opportunities to get hands-on stage combat training anywhere, especially in the Midwest,” said Karla Kash, a member of SAFD and visiting assistant professor at Drake. “This is going to bring something new, cutting edge and fun to the Drake and theatre communities.”

Stage combat experts will teach courses such as “Groin Shots are Funny,” Sword vs. Spear,” “Gladiators of the English Stage” and “Duel vs. Ambush.” They are:

•    Michael Chin — fight master, fight director and certified teacher with SAFD

•    Michael “MJ” Johnson — fight director with Epic Theatre, Fluid Motion, Sonnett Rep and the Lady Cavalier Theatre Company

•    Ian Borden — professor of practice for the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln

•    Brian LeTraunik — fight director and stage combat teacher from Macomb, Ill.

•    D.C. Wright — fight director and stage combat teacher

Lecture classes also are being offered for people who don’t participate in the physical challenges but are interested in learning about the history and theory of stage combat from field experts.

For more information, send an e-mail to carnageinthecorn@yahoo.com.