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Fun facts about construction of Drake West Village

The following amounts of construction materials were used in building the $37 million complex:

  • 51,000 square feet of sod — just a little under a football field (including end zones)
  • 131 tons of structural steel and steel fabrications — approximately half the weight of the entire Drake undergraduate student body
  • 252 tons of rock ballast on the roofs — approximately the weight of 10,000 bulldogs (bulldogs weigh about 52 pounds)
  • 72 tons of rebar — approximately the weight of two humpback whales
  • 4,047 cubic yards of concrete — enough to fill approximately 1.25 Olympic-size swimming pools
  • 1.37 million board feet of lumber — all the boards laid end to end would reach from Sioux City to Dubuque with some wood to spare
  • 17,843 square yards of carpet — enough to cover approximately 3.7 acres
  • 74,000 linear feet of wall base — approximately 14 miles or 57 laps around the Drake Stadium track