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Register for Summer and Fall 2007 Semesters April 4-19

Registration for summer and fall 2007 semesters takes place April 4-19. Students can ensure hassle-free registering by becoming familiarized with the blueView Web portal prior to their allotted registration time.

Though much of the registration process remains the same, a few vital changes have taken effect. The Drake system — including blueView, Blackboard, MyDUSIS and Web mail — is now accessible with a single password. The blueView launch necessitated a campus-wide resetting of passwords.

Without the new password, individuals cannot sign in to the MyDUSIS registration pages. In addition, it is imperative that students are familiarized with the registration pages from the specific computer that will be used to register in order to avoid being hindered by firewalls or certain computer configurations.

Within blueView, MyDUSIS can be accessed from more than one channel. On the Home Tab, a “MyDUSIS” channel is available. A “Registration Tools” channel is located on the Student Services Tab. Note: The MyDUSIS URL will be discontinued in mid-July. 

For help with passwords and all other technical questions, contact the Help Desk at 271-3001. Contact the appropriate college or school with any academic questions concerning registration.

More information, including registration times and a tutorial, can be found at www.drake.edu/registration.