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East Coast alumni celebrate Drake’s 125th birthday

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Gathering at Drake’s birthday bash in the Big Apple are Priyanandini Menon, BN’04; Drew Gulley, AS’05; Madeleine Maxwell; President David Maxwell; and Irina Kovaleva, BN’05.

In October alumni in Washington, D.C., and New York City celebrated Drake’s 125th birthday with President David Maxwell, Drake First Lady Madeleine Maxwell, College of Arts and Sciences Dean John Burney, Provost Ron Troyer, Vice Provost Wanda Everage and Professor Emeritus of Journalism Bob Woodward.

Drake’s Office of Alumni and Parent Programs would like to keep the celebration going by establishing alumni networks in each area. Alumni who are interested in helping with that effort should contact Barb Dietrich Boose, director of alumni and parent programs, at 515-271-3077 or barbara.boose@drake.edu.

Information on more regional alumni events appears below.

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Professor Emeritus Bob Woodward chats with Roxanne Peterson, JO’01; and Jacqueline Lieberman Ross, JO’99; at the New York City party.

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Among the alumni celebrating Drake’s 125th birthday in Washington, D.C., are Paul Doucette, BN’97; Erik Peterson, AS’92; Darci Vetter, AS’96; Raith Erickson, PH’95, BN’95; Stephanie Cathcart, JO’00; Jeff Neurauter, AS’94; Eric Shimp, AS’93; and Sara Taylo