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AJS-Drake Law School partner for series on justice system

The Drake Law School and the American Judicature Society partnered for a series of successful and enlightening talks about the United States justice system this fall and spring.

The four-part series included lectures from nationally renowned scholars, Drake faculty, and alumni.

The discussions culminated on Feb. 28 with a talk on “How the Media Impacts Judicial Independence and Accountability.”

Drake Law School alumnus Mark Bennett, chief judge of the U.S. District court, Northern District of Iowa, addressed “A Federal Judge’s Perspective on the Media and the Public’s Confidence in the Judiciary.”

Rachel Paine Caufield, Drake assistant professor of politics, discussed “The Media’s Influence on Judicial Selection and Judicial Decision Making.”

Kathleen Richardson, Drake assistant professor of news-Internet and also a Drake Law School graduate, followed with “The Journalist’s Responsibility When Reporting on the Justice System.”

Earlier talks in the series included “The Jury and the American Litigation Process” and “Pro Se Litigation in Iowa.”